Spirit of Halloween: A Stress Relieving Adult Coloring Book

12063415_1137175839644928_4589419326968807229_nAs Halloween nears again I want to create more spooky art like I did as child on Long Island. My siblings and I would break out the paper and sketch scenes of Halloween.I also managed to talk my art teacher into me creating a paper cut-out Halloween wall mural in the cafeteria. It was kind of epic for an eleven year old kid. The newspaper even came by to photograph me and the mural. I always had a thing for big art. I guess it was natural that I later took drama classes and painted backdrops. I once even had a chance to work on a stage set as an adult.

Last year I sketched out Spirit of Halloween in record time after completing my first book, Soul of the Woodland. There was a narrow window to get it completed and o12068865_1140960335933145_4679224071521304853_on the market but creating it came easily. It was waiting inside, ready to come out. Blue Star brought it to market so fast, their dedication is impressive. The book easily shot up to the first page of the Amazon Hot New Sellers list. I was mistaken to think that it would always be that easy, lol. It’s a precarious juggling act trying to promote a book while creating new art. I don’t know how coloring book artists like Johanna Basford manage it. She seems to be running contests and posting videos daily for her adoring fans, all the while creating these wonderful coloring books. 

To your right is Hoodie Vampire. He was created for Spirit of Halloween. I have never been an artist that 12079836_1140092989353213_481167434262987043_odraws people but I wanted to add some monsters to my book. He grew on me pretty quickly and I fell in love with Hoodie Vampire and then Frankie. To track my files I make up obvious little names that later become their official titles. I quickly colored some samples to market the book. I never work with colored pencils but managed to find a small set in my apartment. With these limited colors I scratched out a dozen images. I don’t enjoy pencils so I rush through them. I realize that sometimes my art looks like it was made by some caveman artist but I proudly and shamelessly share it on Facebook. This book is addictive, I really wanted to finish coloring the entire book but had to move on to another project.

Along comes Decorate Your Halloween: An Adult Coloring Book of Halloween Crafts.

I was surprised when Blue Star asked me to make new drawings for a craft revision of bridefinalcolorfbSpirit of Halloween. They asked me to create a bride for Frankie, only the request was bizarre, but I went with it. The Bride of Frankenstein was born. Of course I HAD to color her asap. Some images demand it. “Color me…please!” This book will be ready and for sale September 15, this year. I can’t wait to see this book and its monster-sized foldout coloring banners. I can’t wait to see what the colorists do with these pages, they never disappoint. No doubt that some Halloween family heirlooms will be created by these special family’s. This warms my heart. I turn into a goofy little crybaby when I see how people color my pages.